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3. December 2020 Press

Strausberg – Aresus Pharma GmbH, a subsidiary of DERMAGO Verwaltungs GmbH, has announced today that Dr. Francisco Harrison left his position as Managing Director for personal reasons. Dr. Harrison was in charge of Aresus‘ medical-scientific division. Co-Managing Director, Mr. Sven Schimansky-Wabra, will be in charge of Aresus‘ business operations as sole Managing Director with immediate effect.

As Managing Director of an affiliate of Aresus, Dr. Harrison will remain associated with the company and will also continue to advise Aresus until its operational activities are handed over to a suitable successor.

Sven Schimansky-Wabra sincerely thanks Dr. Francisco Harrison for his service to Aresus: “Dr. Harrison has supported Aresus with his many years of entrepreneurial and medical experience during the decisive phase of the company’s founding and acquisition of the Veregen® assets, for which I would like to express my sincerest thanks – also in the name of our employees and stakeholders. I wish Dr. Harrison every success and all the best for his future endeavours both professionally and personally.”