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DERMAGO Verwaltungs GmbH is a holding company that unites the pharmaceutical companies Skin Care Pharma GmbH, DEGODE Pharma GmbH and Aresus Pharma GmbH under one roof. It takes care of all administrative tasks and ensures that the companies can concentrate on their core business, the development and marketing of dermatological products. It is based in Strausberg (Brandenburg) and hopes, together with its subsidiaries, to contribute a small part to the development of the region as a business location.



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Our Brands

Skin Care Pharma is a young company with the aim of keeping dermatological health of excellent quality constantly available.

Aresus Pharma is a company specialising in prescription dermatological products of natural origin.

DEGODE has post-developed a patent-protected prescription drug for the treatment of acne and rosacea (generic).


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DERMAGO Verwaltungs GmbH is the holding company of the subsidiaries Aresus Pharma GmbH, DEGODE Pharma GmbH and Skin Care Pharma GmbH. We are active in the pharmaceutical sector (development and distribution of generic products). To expand our team, we are always looking for reinforcements. Take a look at the current job vacancies.


What are generic drugs?

Generics, as well as so-called biosimilars, are subject to the same quality and efficacy requirements as the preparations of the first manufacturers. During the approval process in Germany, the quality and efficacy of the drug are thoroughly investigated and tested.

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Why generic drugs?

Generics are indispensable. Approx. 77 out of 100 patients treated with drugs receive a generic drug.
Generics are used frequently in the therapy of widespread diseases such as hypertension, heart failure, diabetes and skin diseases.

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